Things to Make

At Feathergirl we get enquiries all the time from people wanting to know how to make things like quill pens, fascinators, earrings and more. This page will grow as more enquiries come in from people looking for instruction.

Each of the links takes you away from the Feathergirl site. We did not have a hand in making any of the other sites and can not vouch for them; they are simply sites we have found that provide the information our customers are looking for. If you have trouble with any of the sites please let us know asap so we can find better ones.



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Make a Feather Quill Pen - Click Here

This is a page about how to cut feathers into useful quill pens. It attempts to go into most of the tradeoffs and possibilities working with one of the most flexible writing instruments ever made. This is a practical guide to making feathers into something that writes. We have an excellent range of quill feathers available, year round.


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Make a Facinator - Click Here

Fascinators are growing in popularity and cost. They are very simple to make and we have all the feathers you need to make one. Grab a clip or a comb, your hot glue gun and get creative. There are people making a good living making and selling these gorgeous adornments; you could too!


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Make Curled Feathers - Click Here

Learning to curl feathers is really easy and once you can do it you can use the feathers for all sorts of creative wonders. This instructional video shows how to curl them and also another way to make a facinator.



Make Feather Earrings - Click Here

Jewellery making is a real labour of love and the results can be spectacular. I have dabbled in this art from time to time and have admiration for those who can stick to it.


3 Inside Dream Catcher

Make a Dream Catcher Click Here

In Ojibwe culture, a dreamcatcher (or dream catcherOjibwe asabikeshiinh, the inanimate form of the word for "spider" or bawaajige nagwaagan meaning "dream snare") is a handmade object based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose net or web. The dreamcatcher is then decorated with personal and sacred items such as feathers and beads. The Ojibwa believe that a dreamcatcher changes a person's dreams. According to Konrad J. Kaweczynski, "Only good dreams would be allowed to filter through; bad dreams would stay in the net, disappearing with the light of day." Good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper.



Make Angel Wings - Click Here

Feather wings are easy to make and last for ages. We have all the quill feathers you need for the job.



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Make a Feather Tree - Click Here

Making a feather tree is great fun for kids and is really easy. We sell the goose biots for making the tree in black and white. The white biots dye easily.


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Make a Painted Feather - Click Here

Feather painting is a popular past-time and accounts for bulk of our sales of quill feathers. We strongly recommend the Peacock True Tail Feathers for painting. They are long, beautifully shaped and robust.



Pheasant Tail

Make a Fishing Fly - Click Here

Fly fishing is one of our passions. We sell fishing flies on our Be Guided site, but we also sell most of the materials you need to tie your own fly. The old adage "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime", was never so appropriate as it is now, with the cost of food having gone through the roof. Fishing is fun, cheap and fresh fish tastes so good!



Make a Christmas Wreath - Click here

Making a Christmas wreath for your door is really easy and absolutly gorgeous. Click on the link above to be transported to the instructions page so you can make your own using peacock eye and sword feathers.