Craft Packs

Our Craft packs are designed to give you a useful amount of 4 different feather types. We can mix and match for you too.

Quill Feathers

With stocks of peacock and turkey quills we are sure to have the colour and size you are looking for.

Peacock Tail

We carry a comprehensive stock of all types of peacock feathers

Banded Feathers

Our ostrich feathers are always white. We don't supply any other colours.

Turkey Flats - Tail Feathers

Long and short Turkey flats

Strung Feathers

The majority of our strung and banded product is imported and is made up of excellent quality chicken, phesant and turkey feathers.


At Feathergirl we pelt only the finest birds. We have stocks of peacock, turkey, duck and phesant pelts.

Loose Feathers

Our loose feather range is made up of peacock, turkey, phesant, duck and chicken feathers. They are all natural, un-dyed feathers

Pheasant Tail Feathers

Medium, long and extra long