About Feathergirl

"At Feathergirl, we pride ourselves on consistently bringing the finest quality feathers to the global market."


Our philosophy

From the start of our business we have maintained the same simple philosophy - no poisons and no waste.

Feathergirl was born out of our desire to manage pest species naturally, without the need to poison our environment or our food chain with toxic chemicals.

Here, in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, species such as Peafowl and Turkey, with no natural predators become pests.

At Feathergirl we harvest most of our birds ourselves; we eat or share all the meat from the birds, and we use the frames to feed other animals. Nothing is wasted in any of our processes and no poisons were used in the control of the pest birds.

Packaging we use for feathers has been re-purposed from another application. We would appreciate it of you could either re-use or reclye that packaging when you are done with it.

If you want to buy bulk products, please buy a small quantity first. We can't take feathers back into our facility.

Thank you!


Dave and Mawera at the 2012 EBOP Business Excellence Awards. AIMS Limited won the Customer Choice Award, and Mawera was honoured with the award for M aori Entrepreneurship.

Our Passions

Our passions are feathers and food and sustainable living. 

At Feathergirl we pride ourselves on consistently delivering the finest quality feathers to the global market.

We are a one-stop-shop for loose and strung feathers and our standards for both products are uncompromising.

When not working with feathers, we are hunting, fishing and gathering food. It is our pleasure to share our knowledge of preserving fresh foods and preparing wild food with anyone who wants to learn.

To learn more about the wild food lifestyle, please have a look at  'The Wild Cook' and 'Be Guided'

Our Vision

To educate, inspire and promote sustainable living though modelling tis in our personal lives and in our business practice.

To respect the law, the land, the flora, the fauna and uphold the rights of others, always.

We look to the future, eyes wide with amazement at how awesome it looks from here.

We live a lifestyle that has so much variety; it is never dull. Each aspect of life is loaded with potential and it is up to us to get the most from it.

As our exports of New Zealand wild feathers grow, the pest species that we harvest decrease and the incidences of management by poison are reduced.

We are walking our talk and doing our part to make the world a safer place for our children.