Peacock Tail Feathers

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Complete Peacock Tail

Complete peacock tail, including eyes, sword eyes, sword and herl. Around 175+ feathers. The feathers are all from one tail plucked into a box. They are 20-100cm. Some may be trimmed to fit into the box. 


Shimmering Green (Long) - 20 feathers

These feathers are intensely green, and have a strong metallic element to them. The quill is robust, but as you get closer to the blade, it is flexible enough to work with if you are weaving. They are beautiful. Length up to 40cm


Peacock Herl - 50 feathers

Peacock herl feathers are cut down to around 40 cm in length and have a fishtail shaped blade.  


Peacock Tail Feathers - 50 feathers up to 40cm

50 peacock eyes up to 40 cm in length.  Please let us know what length you would like as you could get them as naturally short as 15 cm.  


Peacock Eye Tail Feather Bundle - 50 eyes

50 Peacock Eye Bundle- 50-100+cm

You will receive a mix of sizes unless you specify a length you would like. Please leave your size selection in the notes section of the order screen.


Peacock Sword Eye Bundle - 20 feathers

Peacock Sword Eye Tail Bundle (20-60cm) - 20 Feathers.  Let us know the length you want and we'll try to match it.


Peacock True Tail Fan

This is for a complete true tail fan similar to the one shown in the photo.  It has been plucked and is ready to reassemble.  It can be made into a fan, for painting or smudging, etc.  The longest quill would be around 55 cm.  


Peacock Sword Tail Feathers Bundle - 20 Feathers

Peacock Sword Bundle

*  Peacock Sword Bundle x20
Up to 80 cm.  Please let us know the length you would like and we'll do our best to match it.


True Tail - 20 feathers

Quill - True Tail 20

These true tail feathers are pewter in colour.

Great for making fans, quill pens and for painting on.

The blade of the feather is firm but pliable and will peel easily from the rachis.

Measurements: up to 500mm

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