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Us at awards

INNOVATIVE: Mawera Karetai, shown with her husband and

business partner Dave Barrett, collects the Maori Entrepreneur

award while their business wins the customer choice award.

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What a great October we had and we have our customers to thank for that. Thank you for your ongoing support of our business.


The end of November is the end of the feather harvest for us, until May 2012. Every year May marks the beginning of our feather harvest. It is great having a life that is dictated by the seasons. We know when the feathers are at their best and we make sure you get them that way too. Next month is the American Thanksgiving celebration and because of Dave's American heritage we honour that same tradition here too. It seems a perfect time to transition to our summer work.



Be Guided LogoOver the summer months Dave puts his Scientist and Fishing Guide hats on and I keep up with the feather orders. This summer I will also be completing a rebuild of our The Wild Cook site to make it more informative about harvesting and preparing food from the garden and the bush. There is already a great planting guide on there if you are wondering what delicious things you can plant in your garden this month.




Earings.pngAre you a weaving or crafts teacher? Do you produce a product with the feathers you get from us. If you answered yes to either of those questions, please click here to email us and let us know what you do. We have a site that has a massive capacity and we use very little of it; we have around 500 hits per day on our site, from all over the world and that number is growing daily. We would love to be able to advertise for you on our site. Teachers, there is no charge for you. Artists, if we are selling something on your behalf then we would appreciate a small koha to cover the administration cost when something sells.





3 tree The end of the year is almost here and frighteningly, so is Christmas. This year the children and I are going to make some new decorations for our tree using feathers. I Googled Christmas decorations made with feathers and was amazed at what I found; there is so much you can do! There is great fun to be had for children of all ages when you give them some feathers and set them a task.

I have put a link on the Feathergirl site to another site that has some great ideas I was particularly taken with a feather wreath made with peacock eye and sword feathers. Peacock tail feathers are all the colours of Christmas.





Specials for this month


PCOCK - Peacock PeltWe are very fortunate to have a high number of perfect peacock pelts in stock. We do not usually have so many at this time of the year. We are letting them go out the door for $125.00


For those of you who like to buy our bulk loose feathers, remember that we now have a page dedicated to just that. There are some great deals to be had, depending on what we are harvesting at the time.




Pest Management

Please take the time to read through our Feather Care page on the site; nothing would be worse than an infestation in your feathers and with the warmer days, mites and hide beetles are starting to be particularly active.

Well that is all from us for now. We wish you a great day and thanks for reading our newsletter.


Nga mihi,
Mawera, Dave and kids






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