Craft Packs

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Blue Craft Pack - 220+ Feathers

50+ Beautiful Blue 
50+ Tiny Blue Crest 
20+ Short Blue Wing 
100+ Copper and Blue mix 


Green Craft Pack - 200+ feathers

50+ Gold and Green 
50+ Emerald Green 
50+ Shimmering Green 
50+ Shades of Green 

All of our feathers are perfect for korowai, other weaving, jewellery, art, fascinators or any creative thing you can think of. 


Metallic Craft Pack

This pack contains: 
20 Bronze turkey wing feathers 
20 Shiny green wing feathers 
20 Bronze banded turkey flats 
We are out of the metallic blue quills so will give you extras of the others.

The feathers are all around 10-15 cm in length. Each is hand selected for quality. These are all 1st grade feathers. 


Quill Craft Pack - 80 Feathers

 10 Black Quill 
10 Long Striped Quill 
10 Turkey Striped Wing Quill
20 Rich Brown Quill
20 Peacock Primary
10 Peahen Primary

These quills are perfect for making costumes, quill pens, masks and for painting on. 

Around 35cm long 


Feathergirl: 80+ Feathers ~ Small Quills Craft Pack

This pack is for the mix of tail and wing pictures shown in the photo. 

20 Small Striped

20 Black and Blue Wing

20 Small Turkey Flats

20 Short Striped Wing

They range in size from 10-15 cm long and up to 5 cm wide.


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